The Alisa Flatow Scholarship Fund will not be accepting applications for the 2018-2019 or the 2019-2020 school year as we revamp and revise our program.

For scholarship assistance we suggest the following sources:

 Other sources may be found on line or through recommendations of your guidance counselor.

Application Checklist

The Alisa Flatow Memorial Scholarship Fund
901 Route 10
Whippany, NJ 07981

  • Write an essay of no more than two pages on the topic: "How does the existence of the modern State of Israel and the ability of the Jewish people to freely return there impact you and how do you expect to gain from the experience of studying there?"
  • Send a recent photograph of yourself. Write your name and phone number on the back of the photo. If you are mailing in your application* rather than filling it out online, please mail the photo with the application. If you are filling out the application online, please mail your photo to your essay.
  • Submit three recommendations. Recommendations must be typed or completed on a computer.

Please print out three recommendation guideline forms and obtain one recommendation from your rabbi, one from your principal, teacher, and one from a person not related to you. (If your rabbi is your father, ask someone else who is in a position to know you to write the recommendation.) Please make sure to put your name and social security number on each recommendation form. 

For sample letters of recommendation, please email Dr. Greene

The completed recommendation forms should be returned directly to the Scholarship Fund (not to you). You may want to give your recommenders an addressed and stamped envelope with the form to speed up the process.

  • Recommendation from your rabbi
  • Recommendation from your principal, rebbe, or teacher.
  • Recommendation from a person not related to you

 *Applicants have the responsibility to check that letters of reference have been mailed in time for deadline.

Only the application may be submitted online. All other materials must be mailed to:
The Alisa Flatow Memorial Scholarship Fund
901 Route 10
Whippany, NJ 07981

Contributions & correspondence to the Scholarship Fund should be mailed to

The Alisa Flatow Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jewish Community Foundation of MetroWest
901 Route 10 Whippany, NJ 07981

Electronic Communications should be directed to:

Dr. Wallace Greene
Executive Secretary